Health & Safety Policy

DHD Construction Limited procedures are used to ensure high standards are achieved with respect to health and safety, quality control and environmental management issues relating to the Project.


It is DHD Construction Limited’s intention that Health & Safety of all staff, visitors, third parties and members of the public is a priority and will be protected at all times. To ensure that this is the case, a dedicated safety strategy including procedures and instructions has been devised and is continually being developed in order to reduce the risks associated with all operations to a minimum.


All staff are suitably trained, both for awareness and competency in health and Safety issues as well as their own disciplines. Emphasis is placed on prevention rather than cure and as such, regular safety inspections, audits, reviews and monitoring exercises will be performed.


All site operatives will undergo a site specific induction by a Senior DHD Construction Limited staff member prior to commencing work on site. Use of personal protective equipment, the location and maintenance of site facilities, and the required safe working practices will be fully discussed with the operatives. Site specific method statements will be prepared by the sub-contractors prior to works commencing on site.


All members of the DHD staff are responsible for ensuring high standards of health and safety are set and maintained on site.


Site Wide Issues – Environmental


The site will be managed in accordance with DHD Construction Limited’s environmental management procedures. DHD Construction Limited is committed to ensuring the site, including the external environment is maintained in a clean and tidy state.



DHD Construction Limited has a Full Health & Safety Plan which can be provided on Request